MirOS Manual: skeyinfo(1)

SKEYINFO(1)                  BSD Reference Manual                  SKEYINFO(1)


     skeyinfo - obtain the next S/Key challenge for a user


     skeyinfo [-v] [user]


     skeyinfo prints out the next S/Key challenge for the specified user or
     for the current user if no user is specified.

     The options are as follows:

     -v      Print the hash algorithm as well.


     /etc/skey  directory containing user entries for S/Key


     $ skey -n <number of passwords to print> `skeyinfo` | lpr

     This would print out a list of S/Key passwords for use over an untrusted
     network (perhaps for use at a conference).


     cannot open /etc/skey/user
             The user does not have an entry in /etc/skey or access to the
             S/Key database has been disabled. The database can be enabled
             with the skeyinit(1) program.

     user is not listed in /etc/skey
             The S/Key database is enabled but the user does not have an entry
             in it. The skeyinit(1) program can be used to create an entry for
             the user.


     skey(1), skeyinit(1)

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