MirOS Manual: getrpcport(3)

GETRPCPORT(3)              BSD Programmer's Manual               GETRPCPORT(3)


     getrpcport - get RPC port number


     #include <rpc/rpc.h>

     getrpcport(char *host, int prognum, int versnum, int proto);


     getrpcport() returns the port number for version versnum of the RPC pro-
     gram prognum running on host and using protocol proto. It returns 0 if it
     cannot contact the portmapper, or if prognum is not registered. If
     prognum is registered but not with version versnum, it will still return
     a port number (for some version of the program) indicating that the pro-
     gram is indeed registered. The version mismatch will be detected upon the
     first call to the service.

MirOS BSD #10-current          October 6, 1987                               1

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