MirBSD manpage: bio(4)

BIO(4)                     BSD Programmer's Manual                      BIO(4)


     bio - ioctl tunnel pseudo-device


     pseudo-device bio [count]


     The bio driver provides userland applications ioctl access to devices
     otherwise not found as /dev nodes. The /dev/bio device node operates by
     delegating ioctl(2) calls to a requested device driver. Only drivers
     which have registered with the bio device can be accessed via this inter-

     If count is given in the specification, and is greater than 0, a maximum
     of one bio device is created.

     The following ioctl(2) calls apply to the bio device:

     BIOCLOCATE  Locate a named device and give back a cookie to the applica-
                 tion for subsequent ioctl calls. The cookie is used to tunnel
                 further ioctls to the right device.


     /dev/bio  ioctl tunnel device




     The bio driver appeared in OpenBSD 3.2.

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