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GDT(4)                     BSD Programmer's Manual                      GDT(4)


     gdt - Intel and ICP-Vortex GDT RAID driver


     gdt* at pci? dev ? function ?
     scsibus* at gdt?


     The gdt driver provides support for all currently known ICP Vortex

     GDT4x13RZ, GDT4x23RZ, GDT6000/6020/6050, GDT6000B/6010, GDT6110/6510,
     GDT6120/6520, GDT6513RS, GDT6518RS, GDT6523RS, GDT6530, GDT6535, GDT6537,
     GDT6537RP, GDT6537RP1, GDT6537RP2, GDT6550, GDT6555, GDT6557, GDT6557RP,
     GDT6557RP1, GDT6557RP2, GDT6x11RP, GDT6x11RP1, GDT6x11RP2, GDT6x15,
     GDT6x17, GDT6x17RP, GDT6x17RP1, GDT6x17RP2, GDT6x18RD, GDT6x19RD,
     GDT6x21RP, GDT6x21RP1, GDT6x21RP2, GDT6x25, GDT6x27, GDT6x27RP,
     GDT6x27RP1, GDT6x27RP2, GDT6x28RD, GDT6x28RS, GDT6x29RD, GDT6x33RS,
     GDT6x38RD, GDT6x38RS, GDT6x43RS, GDT6x53RS, GDT6x58RD, GDT6x58RS,
     GDT6x63RS, GDT7x13RN, GDT7x18RN, GDT7x19RN, GDT7x23RN, GDT7x28RN,
     GDT7x29RN, GDT7x38RN, GDT7x43RN, GDT7x53RN, GDT7x58RN, GDT7x63RN,
     GDT8x00RZ, GDT8x13RZ, GDT8x14RZ, GDT8x22RZ, GDT8x23RZ, GDT8x23RZ,
     GDT8x24RZ, GDT8x33RZ, GDT8x43RZ, GDT8x46RZ, GDT8x53RZ, GDT8x63RZ, and

     Also supported, are select Intel RAID controllers containing firmware
     derived from ICP Vortex.

     Although the controllers are actual RAID controllers the driver makes
     them look just like SCSI controllers. All RAID configuration is done
     through the controllers' BIOSes.


     pci_mem_find: expected mem type 00000000, found 00000002  This message
     occurs during autoconfiguration if jumper J4 is set to map the controller
     memory below 1MB in physical memory. The driver primarily wants this
     jumper to be set the other way round, but it will work with it in any
     setting. If the diagnostic is considered a nuisance, alter jumper J4's


     intro(4), pci(4), scsi(4), sd(4)


     The gdt driver first appeared in OpenBSD 2.7.


     The gdt driver was written by Niklas Hallqvist <niklas@openbsd.org>, in-
     spired by the Linux driver by
     Achim Luebner <achim@vortex.de>.


     An ISA front-end is needed.

     The driver does not yet support transparent raw SCSI mode.

     It would be nice to configure the RAID units after boot but the informa-
     tion on how to do that is not public.

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