MirOS Manual: umodem(4)

UMODEM(4)                  BSD Programmer's Manual                   UMODEM(4)


     umodem - USB modem support


     umodem* at uhub? port ? configuration ?
     ucom*   at umodem?


     The umodem driver provides support for USB modems in the Communication
     Device Class using the Abstract Control Model. These modems are basically
     standard serial line modems, but they are accessed via USB instead. They
     support a regular AT command set. The commands can either be multiplexed
     with the data stream or handled through separate pipes. In the latter
     case the AT commands have to be given on device separate from the data

     The device is accessed through the ucom(4) driver which makes it behave
     like a tty(4).


     tty(4), ucom(4), uhub(4), usb(4)


     The umodem driver appeared in NetBSD 1.5. OpenBSD support was added in
     OpenBSD 2.7.


     Only modems with multiplexed commands and data are supported at the mo-

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