MirBSD manpage: urio(4)

URIO(4)                    BSD Programmer's Manual                     URIO(4)


     urio - USB driver for Diamond Multimedia Rio MP3 players


     urio* at uhub? port ? configuration ?


     The urio driver provides support for Rio500 and Rio600 MP3 players from
     Diamond MultiMedia.

     The driver implements minimal support to access the device and requires a
     user application for up and downloading music.


     /dev/urio0  device node


     Using the Rio500 package the command

           rio_add_song Rammstein-Wollt_Ihr_Das_Bett_In_Flammen_Sehen.mp3

     will download a song over the USB connection into your Rio500.


     uhub(4), usb(4)



     The urio driver appeared in OpenBSD 2.7. This driver is based on a
     FreeBSD Rio driver written by Iwasa Kazmi.

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