MirBSD manpage: yds(4)

YDS(4)                     BSD Programmer's Manual                      YDS(4)


     yds - Yamaha DS-XG sound hardware driver


     yds* at pci? dev ? function ? flags 0x0000
     audio* at yds?
     opl* at yds?


     The yds driver supports Yamaha DS-XG based sound chips, as found in,
     e.g., many Sony Vaio notebooks.

     The flags can be used to pass additional information to the yds driver.

     A value of 0x1000 forces the driver to disable the Sound Blaster legacy
     mode. This is needed to make the floppy work on some machines but is dis-
     abled by default because it is known to break apm(4) support.


     ac97(4), audio(4), intro(4), opl(4), pci(4)


     The yds driver first appeared in OpenBSD 2.9.


     Kazuki Sakamoto and Minoura Makoto.

MirBSD #10-current              March 29, 2001                               1

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