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MirBSD “announce” RSS feed

Tags: jupp mksh news pcli

Downstreams don’t have it easy. They need to be informed about new upstream releases but there’s no uniform way to do that. Debian has uscan and the DEHS (Debian External Health Status), rsc is monitoring me using Fedora infrastructure, etc. but other projects, such as the AOSP (Android Open Source Project) seemingly don’t have such a resource set up. Recently, the desire for an mksh-announce@ mailing list was stated.

Mailing list spam is a thing (sorry about that), and I currently do not have anything set up that would allow me to make it possible for only me to post to a list. But we do have RSS feeds; e.g. for my APT repo I use a script creating one easily from a plaintext file, and the MirBSD wlog infrastructure has a (complex) setup, creating RSS and HTML, paginated and permalinks, off a data file.

Enter the MirBSD “announce” (valid RSS 2.0) feed, which will provide information relevant for downstreams (especially subproject releases), and the occasional MirBSD snapshot, ISO or release. I chose the former (easy script from plaintext) for this and will occasionally prune older entries.

In the hope of being able to help, I wish my downstreams a blessed time, with most calendaries just having entered a new year.

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