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2008-03-14 by tg@

As written in my earlier entry (still to be ok’d by benz) about GPLv3, editors/nano is okay (for now). This means that rsync 3 is probably ok to go in now too (especially since we have no patches). It’s said to be much faster and less RAM-hungry, which is especially nice.

Besides from my TODO on MirPorts (and the portable subprojects) and MidnightBSD, and the release engineering process, and my other want-to-do hobbies like hercules(4) wsfb(4) support (and an XF86 module, and emulation support for a HGC in qemu), and a couple of other things, Waldemar has made a point:

MirOS definitively needs to shift away from “we want to make OpenBSD better, and we do X, Y and Z” towards “we want to do X, Y and Z, specialise on W, support V, and while doing all that, we are of course as secure as OpenBSD and track their goodies, and by the way, we have GNOME and Frozen-Bubble”. This would give the MirOS Project an actual face, which could attract users and development capability/potential. (And it would imply a re-design of the Flyers’ and website’s content…) We’ll have to think about it, but he is probably right.

The new cksum port sets a variable HAS_CKSUM, which will be used really soon now in the MirPorts infrastructure to replace all the old cruft (_CKSUM_A, _CKSUM_SIZE, _HASHES). From RSN on, you will either have our current cksum(1) from MirOS #10 or MirPorts, or you won’t, in which case it will only use the “cksum” algorithm of the OS’ own cksum program (which is rather ubiquitous).

We have a new sample file, “portmdoc”, and I’ve converted yet another manpage to be fixed with regards to GNU groff, like I did with mksh(1) after the R33 release. Expect this to continue.

The FSF is now mistaking that lazy moronic finnish student’s excuse for a patch management system for a version control system as well… the config.{guess,sub} files are now in git. Yuck!

Our kernel now should handle signals wrt the extended i386/amd64 ABI fine: thanks to the Debian GNU/kFreeBSD developer Aurelien “aurel32” Jarno, the direction flag (DF) is now cleared on traps.

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